Professional Sports:

Major League Baseball (MLB):

Allan H. “Bud” Selig(Ashkenazi Jew) – Commissioner

Robert D. Manfred, Jr.(Ashkenazi Jew) – Executive Vice President, Labor Relations & Human Resources

John McHale Jr.(White European) – Executive Vice President, Administration & Chief Information Officer; Interim Executive Vice President, Baseball Operations

Major League Soccer (MLS):

Don Garber(Ashkenazi Jew) – Commissioner

Mark Abbott(White European) – President

Kathy Carter(White European) – President, Soccer United Marketing

National Basketball Association (NBA):

David J. Stern(Ashkenazi Jew) – Commissioner

Adam Silver(Ashkenazi Jew) – Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer

Joel M. Litvin(Ashkenazi Jew)– President, League Operations

National Football League (NFL):

Roger S. Goodell(White European) – Commissioner

Jeffrey Pash(Ashkenazi Jew) – Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Eric P. Grubman(Ashkenazi Jew) – Executive Vice President, Business Operations and Chief Financial Officer

National Hockey League (NHL):

Gary Bettman(Ashkenazi Jew) – Commissioner

William L. “Bill” Daly(White European) – Deputy Commissioner

John Collins(White European) – Chief Operating Officer

Athletes First:

David L. Dunn(White European) – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Boras Corporation:

Scott Boras(White European) – Founder, Owner, and President>

Career Sports & Entertainment:

Lonnie Cooper(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chief Executive Oficer

Creative Artists Agency:

Richard Lovett(Ashkenazi Jew) – President

Excel Sports Management:

Jeff Schwartz(Ashkenazi Jew) – Founder and President

International Management Group (IMG):

Theodore J. Forstmann(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer–forstmann.aspx

Octagon Worldwide:

Rick Dudley(White European) – President and Chief Executive Officer

Premier Sports and Entertainment:

Gary Uberstine(Ashkenazi Jew) – Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Priority Sports and Entertainment:

Mark Bartelstein(Ashkenazi Jew) – Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Rosenhaus Sports:

Drew Rosenhaus(Ashkenazi Jew) – Founder and Chairman

Wasserman Media Group:

Casey Wasserman(Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer

CBS Sports:

Sean McManus(White European) – Chairman

David Berson(Ashkenazi Jew) – Executive Vice President, CBS Sports and President, CBS College Sports Network

Rob Correa(Sephardic Jew) – Executive Vice President, Programming

Mike Aresco(White European) – Executive Vice President, Programming

Ken Aagaard(White European) – Executive Vice President, Engineering, Operations & Production Services

ESPN / ABC Sports:

George W. Bodenheimer(Ashkenazi Jew) – President, ESPN, Inc. and ABC Sports; Co-chairman, Disney Media Networks

John Skipper(Ashkenazi Jew) – Executive Vice President, Content

John Wildhack(Ashkenazi Jew) – Executive Vice President, Progam Acquisitions & Strategy

David Preschlack(Ashkenazi Jew) – Executive Vice President, Affiliate Sales and Marketing

Steve Anderson(White European) – Executive Vice President, News, Talent & Content Operations

John A. Walsh(White European) – Executive Vice President and Executive Editor

Norby Williamson(White European) – Executive Vice President, Production

Christine F. Driessen(White European) – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Russell Wolff(Ashkenazi Jew) – Executive Vice President and Managing Director, ESPN International

John Kosner(Ashkenazi Jew) – Senior Vice President and General Manager, ESPN Digital Media

FOX Sports:

David Hill(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Ed Goren(Ashkenazi Jew) – Vice Chairman

Eric Shanks(Ashkenazi Jew) – President

HBO Sports:

Ross Greenburg(Ashkenazi Jew) – President

Rick Bernstein(Ashkenazi Jew) – Senior Vice President and Executive Producer
(no picture available)

Mark Taffet(Ashkenazi Jew) – Senior Vice President, Operations

NBC Sports:

Dick Ebersol(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chairman

Ken Schanzer(Ashkenazi Jew) – President

Mark Lazarus(Ashkenazi Jew) – President, NBC Sports Cable Group

Jon D. Litner(Ashkenazi Jew) – President, VERSUS and SportsNet

Gary Zenkel(Ashkenazi Jew) – President, NBC Olympics & Executive Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, NBC Sports

Jon Miller(Ashkenazi Jew) – President, Programming, NBC Sports and VERSUS

Peter Diamond(Ashkenazi Jew) – Senior Vice President, Programs, NBC Olympics

Showtime Sports:

Ken Hershman(Ashkenazi Jew) – Executive Vice President and General Manager

David Dinkins, Jr.(Mulatto) – Executive Producer

Turner Sports:

David Levy(Ashkenazi Jew) – President

Lenny Daniels(Ashkenazi Jew) – Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Jon Diament(Ashkenazi Jew) – Executive Vice President, Ad Sales and Marketing

Walker Jacobs(Ashkenazi Jew) – Executive Vice President, Turner/SI Digital Ad Sales

Of the sixty(60) senior executives of the major sports leagues, talent agencies, and media outlets, forty-three(43) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 72%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major sports leagues, talent agencies, and media outlets by a factor of 36 times(3,600 percent).

* Jewish Population of the United States by State:

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