U.S. Treasury Department:

Timothy F. Geithner(Jewish spouse: Carole M. Sonnenfeld) – Secretary of the Treasury

Neal S. Wolin(Ashkenazi Jew) – Deputy Secretary of the Treasury

Rosa G. “Rosie” Rios(Mestizo) – Treasurer of the United States

Mark A. Patterson(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chief of Staff to Secretary of the Treasury

Matthew Kabaker(Ashkenazi Jew) – Deputy Assistant Secretary, Counselor to the Secretary

Lewis A. “Lee” Sachs(Ashkenazi Jew) – Counselor to the Secretary

Gene B. Sperling(Ashkenazi Jew) – Counselor to the Secretary

Lewis Alexander(Ashkenazi Jew) – Counselor to the Secretary

Richard L. “Jake” Siewert, Jr.(Ashkenazi Jew) – Counselor to the Secretary

Jeffrey A. Goldstein(Ashkenazi Jew) – Under Secretary for Domestic Finance

Michael S. Barr(Ashkenazi Jew) – Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutitions

Mary J. Miller(Ashkenazi Jew) – Assistant Secretary for Financial Markets

Timothy Massad(Ashkenazi Jew) – Acting Assistant Secretary for Financial Stability

Richard Gregg(Ashkenazi Jew) – Fiscal Assistant Secretary

Alan B. Krueger(Ashkenazi Jew) – Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy

George W. Madison(Mulatto) – General Counsel

Lael Brainard(Ashkenazi Jew) – Under Secretary for International Affairs

Charles A. Collyns(White European) – Assistant Secretary for International Finance

Marisa Lago(Mulatto) – Assistant Secretary for International Markets and Development

Kim N. Wallace(Negro) – Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs

Daniel M. Tangherlini(White European) – Assistant Secretary for Management, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Performance Officer

Jenni R. LeCompte(White European) – Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs

Michael F. Mundaca(White European) – Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy

David S. Cohen(Ashkenazi Jew) – Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence

S. Leslie Ireland(Ashkenazi Jew) – Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis

Daniel L. Glaser(Ashkenazi Jew) – Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing

Of the twenty-six(26) U.S. Treasury Department senior officials, eighteen(18) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 69%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews are over-represented among the U.S. Treasury Department senior officials by a factor of 34.5 times times(3,450 percent).

* Jewish Population of the United States by State:

6 Responses to “Who Controls the Treasury Department?”

  1. Voir Dire Says:

    Sam Says:

    January 27, 2011 at 11:48 pm
    Tim Geithner is not a Jew. Take care not to discredit your important site with inaccurate information. – Sam

    Sam: Straight from the Vampires’ mouths (as always… in one of their countless publications intended for THEIR EYES ONLY), here is an excerpt from a post I wrote on Business Insider with the source— Emphasis mine:

    For those who continue to deny collusion in this epic plundering because “Tim Geithner is Caucasion,” here’s the proof straight from their own publication, “The Jewish Chronicle” whereby they are caught red-handed boasting after the 2008 election of their installed puppet that only “Jews” were being considered for that all-powerful economic position as Treasury Secretary even as damning evidence was mounting that most of those “candidates” played pivotal roles in orchestrating the “global financial crisis.”

    “The Jews set to play a central role in Obama’s administration: All the main candidates for the crucial job of Treasury Secretary, the man who will have to deal with the global financial crisis, are Jewish.

    They include ROBERT RUBIN and LARRY SUMMERS, who both held the job in the Clinton Administration, former president of the Federal Reserve PAUL VOLKER, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York TIM GEITHNER and even New York Mayor MICHAEL BLOOMBERG, who is mentioned as an outside candidate.”


    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/rumors-grow-that-michael-bloomberg-is-going-to-be-the-next-treasury-secretary-2010-10#ixzz1F5fP48st

  2. Imaginary Borderlines Says:

    i agree this blog is very informative. Thank you and keep it up!

  3. David Says:

    Why is the ethnicity of these people important?

    • Barbara Says:

      David, that is a question that works both ways. It seems most non-Jews are filtered out of prospective top economic positions (among other positions); and usually Khazar/Ashkenazi and even Sephardi Jews dominate the strategic positions. Why is this the case? So, your question is very important; why is the ethnicity of these people important?

  4. David Says:

    The real connection here is with the Rothschild family who serve as the true leaders of Western Governments. Is there a informal network that links the control of American institiutions through a religious connection using the Jewish faith as a medium to further the power of the Rothchilds?

    Everyone should read Gary Allen’s 1972 NY Times bestseller, “None dare call it conspiracy,” to see the connection.

  5. Ted Avila Says:

    … should anything having to do with anything else other than why banks and bankers are involved in regulating our Economy, and not the Treasury Department, be on this Stimuls Bill? What does gun control have to do with the Economy? or is this the typical carrot dangled in front of a starving nation in order to tighten the shackles on it?

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