Federal Reserve System:

Board of Governors:

Ben S. Bernanke(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chairman

Janet L. Yellen(Ashkenazi Jew) – Vice Chairman

Elizabeth A. Duke(White European)

Daniel K. Tarullo(White European)

Sarah Bloom Raskin(Ashkenazi Jew)

Jerome H. Powell(White European)

Jeremy C. Stein(Ashkenazi Jew)

Federal Reserve District Banks:

Eric S. Rosengren(White European) – President, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

William C. Dudley(Ashkenazi Jew) – President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Charles I. Plosser(Ashkenazi Jew) – President, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Sandra Pianalto(White European) – President, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Jeffrey M. Lacker(Ashkenazi Jew) – President, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Dennis P. Lockhart(White European) – President, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Charles L. Evans(White European) – President, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

James B. Bullard(White European) – President, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Narayana Kocherlakota(Indian) – President, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Esther L. George(White European) – President, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Richard W. Fisher(Ashkenazi Jew) – President, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

John C. Williams(White European) – President, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Of the seven(7) Federal Reserve Board governors, four(4) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 57%. Of the twelve(12) Federal Reserve District Bank presidents, four(4) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 33%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews are over-represented on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors by a factor of 28.5 times (2,850 percent), and over-represented among the Federal Reserve District Bank presidents by a factor of 16.5 times(1,650 percent).

* Jewish Population of the United States by State:

12 Responses to “Who Controls the Federal Reserve System? (Part 1)”

  1. Flanders Says:

    Z.O.G., A comment which is helpful on the study of this subject can be found at the 9:54AM comment linked below:


  2. Thanks for this very useful info; at the risk of understatement, this is all a brazen tribal power-grab.

  3. Garycooper Says:

    …it is most likely that also 67% of the rest “white europeans” are crypto(jew)s.

    Anybody studied it?

  4. habler Says:

    Jeffrey M. Lacker looks like one of the Rockefeller clan , with a hint of Bush thrown in , the interbreeding scum.

  5. Wallace Says:

    I think the comments take away from your otherwise exceedingly clean, professional presentation.

    If I were you – I would clear all of these superfluous comments out of here and simply have a ‘Contact Me’ widget in the sidebar. That way if someone has something valuable to contribute, they can pass it along and you can put it up.

    That way you get to choose the content and keep everything nice & clean.

    • Z.O.G. Says:

      You may have a point there, Wallace.

      • Wallace Says:

        Yeah man,

        Some of these characters that have commented here say more than needs to be said here… and maybe bring negative connotations along with their names and reputations?

        Dump ’em! This information is too important I think. Let the facts speak.

        Good job BTW, I’m impressed.

        Now delete this!

  6. David Goystein. Says:

    Intelligence alone does not explain things. There are many more smart Gentiles than there are smart Jews based on the population ratio.(Come on, you’re a Jew you should figure it out on your own.)

    Jews seem to possess something many Gentiles do not, the ambition to succeed at all costs. The social status is as important to Jews as the money they steal from the Gentiles.

    My Jewish neighbor owns a retail jewelry business. He just bought a $90,000 Porsche 911. The guy does not even like sports cars. He bough it to fit in.. so he can drive it to the Hamptons and try to impress the other Jews who drive $90,000 vehicles.

    This is what’s important to the Jews. They have been brainwashed from an early age to believe they are victims and the world is against them and the only way to fight back is to steal everything the Gentiles have created. ( hence the new CEO of Apple)

    This behavior is completely justifiable in the brain of a Jew.


  7. Darryl Phillips Says:

    Perhaps a more balanced opinion if I may…..

    I’m not Jewish. But I certainly love Jewish musical talent such as Horowitz, Heifetz, Zukerman,and most of all Perlman.

    Different heritages have different skills. I’m not a redneck but seem to have married into a bunch of them. Rednecks can spot a wild turkey when the rest of us only see leaves and branches. The Jews have a talent for money because they were driven from place to place and needed portable wealth. Diamonds etc. So they developed skills for managing money that most other races lack.

    But managing other peoples money is another matter……and I’ll end my comments there!!!

  8. Tim Says:

    In my opinion it was religion that gave the Jews their power over money . As the bible abolished usury for the Christians, Judaism allowed and even promoted it thereby we see the Jews ending up being the bankers of the world . Now who developed these religions ? and for what purpose ?

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