The Executive Branch:

White House Staff:

Jacob “Jack” J. Lew(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chief of Staff

William M. Daley(White European) – Former Chief of Staff

Rahm I. Emanuel(Ashkenazi Jew) – Former Chief of Staff

Nancy-Ann M. DeParle(Jewish spouse: Jason DeParle) – Deputy Chief of Staff

Alyssa Mastromonaco(Jewish spouse: David Krone) – Deputy Chief of Staff

Jim Messina(White European) – Former Deputy Chief of Staff

Mona K. Sutphen(Ashkenazi Jew/Negro) [1] – Former Deputy Chief of Staff

Peter M. Rouse(Ashkenazi Jew/Japanese) [2] – Counselor to the President

Valerie B. Jarrett [Bowman](Ashkenazi Jew/Negro) [3] – Senior Advisor

David Plouffe(Ashkenazi Jew) [4] – Senior Advisor

David M. Axelrod(Ashkenazi Jew) – Former Senior Advisor

Of the eleven(11) current and former senior advisors of President Barack Obama, nine(9) are Jews, partial Jews, or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 82%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews are over-represented among the current and former senior advisors of President Barack Obama by a factor of 41 times(4,100 percent).

* Jewish Population of the United States by State:

(1) Mona Sutphen’s father is Negro, and her mother is Jewish:

(2) Peter Rouse’s mother was Japanese, and his father was Benjamin Irving Rouse, an anthropology professor at Yale University:

(3) Presidential Aide Valerie Jarrett Discloses Her Jewish Roots

(4) Jews in the Obama Administration

7 Responses to “Who Controls the White House?”

  1. KERRY HUME Says:


  2. Ed Says:

    Do you have a European ancestry? If so, do you have a heritage? Of course you do, but do you know it? Most Europeans had to abandon their ancestry/heritage in The Dark Ages. An era that began after the jew church finally gained entry into The Roman Empire, with the blessing of Constantine I. It was 313 C.E. and the jews convinced him he would be second only to god in the new power structure that a single-god religion would afford him; that and the fact that the jews offered their warriors (the circumsized ones) to fight alongside his at the Milvian bridge in 312 C.E., for control of both the East and West Roman empires. The idea of a single god, a vertical religion where he’d be second only to god, was too tempting to pass on. Imagine, in a world where an imaginable god is the only entity more powerful than you, you can say anything you wanted and claim it to be god’s words. You, essentially, become god. After all, god doesn’t make public appearances to contradict anything, does he?

    So, do you know your heritage of 1000 years ago? The jews know theirs. It’s called the ‘bible’. If you don’t know why the jews have been the most hated people on Earth and why they’ve been brutally ejected from every land they’ve infiltrated, then you have to watch the award-winning israeli video, “My Father, My lord”. About 30 minutes into it the rabbi teaches his class ‘the lesson of the cat’. Record it. Then play it back and read the subtitled explanation in slow-motion. Once you understand this lesson you’ll understand why there will never be peace in the middle-East, or on Earth, for that matter. The jews don’t ‘negotiate’, they make demands. And they believe god has created this universe for them only. And that the Gentile is here only to serve the jew. It is their tradition to raise their babies with this arrogant delusion.

    The bible was forced onto your European ancestry for over 1000 years, Their only other choice was death. Google: The Bloody Verdict of Verden. That is how they converted Europe – our ancestors. Some Freedom Fighters tried to defend their heritage, but the empires army was too powerful. You probably know them by their church-given title, “Barbarians”. Today, the Palestinians struggle to keep the jew from stealing their own lands. Look at YouTube clips of anything ‘Palestine’, and you’ll see the truth. They are given the title, “Terrorists”. But they are Freedom Fighters, just as our ancestors were.

    We need to educate the people of this fact. But don’t blame them if you see them toting a bible. They don’t know better. They live the lie that was forced onto their ancestors -generation after generation. They are the result of that bloody, terroristic horror the jew church prepetrated for over a millennium.

    The zionists know how to fulfill their quest to become ‘kings of all nations’. They’ve been practicing for several millennium. Our government, elected and wage-grade, local, state and federal, show us the truth of this modus operandi. They’re everywhere and only became more powerfull, regardless the anti-zionist jew’s efforts. It seems like that could be a ruse, since the algebraic sum is always positive for them.

    They own the means by which our world view is created. They own nearly all forms of media; Hollywood, newspapers, TV stations, publishing companies, they write our textbooks (see ‘Masoff’who recently authored a textbook for Virginia schools and how they found her trying to mitigate the role of slavery in the US. Slavery, by the way, is a pro-judaic institution), and many other forms of media.

    I was raised with the lie, but I decided to answer a nagging question one day and have been at it for several years now. That question – “Why is this world always so screwed up and there can never be world peace?”. I found the answer. You just read about some of it.

    • stevieb Says:

      What a great reply. First time to your site – excellent work, excellent format. After 9/11 I found out about Israel(not knowing anything before unfortunately), and it became one jaw-drop after another.

      Zionism is facism. Period. And it has no place in our nations. And we will win.

  3. rtn Says:

    As far as I have been able to ascertain, secret societies are a flourishing creation of Jewry, and my belief is these societies are there for one purpose only: to promote from within the ranks of these secret societies. I believe if these societies were able to be listed many on this list would also appear!

  4. Average American Says:

    It’s not about intelligence or dilligence or stereotypes. Jews have been around a long time and other people have gotten to know their culture. It is a closed culture, an exclusive one. It takes care of its own interests first, it promotes its own people first. Therefore, over-representation of Jews in my government means over-representation of their interests over mine. A great recent example is Eric Cantor telling Netanyahu he will use his position in my government for the interests of Israel.

  5. Bengt Says:

    Please help me confirm that Peter M. Rouse are a Ashkenazi Jew. None of the supplied links help verify any such claims.
    Every claimed jew must have verifiable sources, other than just surname speculation.

  6. fred Says:

    Who do all these people owe their allegiance to? The Rothshild/Vatican cabal of course and pretty much all carry Rothschild Israhell passports so that they can escape when necessary. USA and most places have no extradition with israhell and that’s why. So the financial terrorists have somewhere to go.

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